Tuesday, June 3, 2008

In memory of our friend and neighbor - Lorraine Ingram

Yesterday our next door neighbor, Lorraine Ingram, passed away at her home. She loved her home and all of the flowers in her yard. Over the past few months her eye sight was failing and she didn't get to work in her gardens much. We helped her when there were things that Wayne and I could do - we always told her that we were helping her and we hoped that someone would help our mothers in the same way.

She loved her little Jack Russell, Katie. She was good company for Lorraine. Katie's barking more than once set us off to make sure Lorraine was okay - usually Katie was just barking at a squirrel or a bird in the yard.

Bless you Lorraine - you're in His hands now. Lorraine had read through the Bible at least five times.

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