Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Delta Queen at Port of Paducah

On Sunday, the Delta Queen stopped at the Port of Paducah. It doesn't look like Congress is going to give the old beauty a stay this time. If you want to see the Delta Queen stay afloat, contact your congressmen and tell them to keep the Delta Queen cruising the U.S. waterways.
Don't you just love these old paddle boats?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Red Dogwoods

The red dogwoods are my favorite. Look at these beautiful blossoms.

Several people asked for my Flowering Dogwood Patterns book at the show. The book is out of print from AQS, but I still have several copies for sale. Just send me an e-mail if you want to buy a copy.

Along the Dogwood Trail

This is the view of just one street lined with dogwood trees.
Wayne and I enjoy driving the trail every year. The trees are just loaded with blossoms this year.


Here is the front of Whitehaven, with dogwoods and azaleas blooming. This porch is a favorite for prom photos - which was held this week too.
If you haven't taken a photo of your quilt group on this porch, put it on your agenda for next year. Beautiful spot for group photos.

Bonnie at Whitehaven

What does a show director do on the day after the quilt show? She (and her husband Wayne) sleep in a bit longer than normal, go out to breakfast (where they see several vendors who are getting ready to head home), drive the Dogwood Trail to take photos of dogwoods to use in next year's quilt show brochures, and then comes home to put her feet up (oh, my, do they hurt!).

This photo was taken on the back porch at Whitehaven, the antebellum mansion used as a Rest Area along Interstate 24. The grounds are covered with beautiful blooming trees.

The dogwoods were so late in blooming that I didn't get to take many photos before the show. They are still blooming beautifully so we'll have plenty of new photos to choose from for next year's printed materials.

Saturday afternoon - Christian Music Concert

A bright sunny afternoon on the banks of the Ohio River in Paducah was the site of the final event during this year's AQS Quilt Show. Musicians and singers from two churches, the Crossroads Christian Church, Newburgh, Indiana, and the Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church, Evansville, Indiana. A special addition to the concert was artist Gretchen Smith, Paducah, who paints Christian art inspired by music (left side of photo).

Ricky Tims - Live on Stage - Friday night

If you missed the Ricky Tims concert on Friday night at the Four Rivers Center, you missed a real treat. In this picture you see the Harley-Davidson motorcycle (courtesy of Four Rivers Harley-Davidson, Paducah) that he came riding in on...complete with flashing lights, smoke, the roar of the engine. his cap turned backwards, and black sunglasses.
And that wasn't even the best part of the evening. Ricky performed some of his music and favorites from his albums, and then he was joined by his long-time friend, Kat Bowser, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She has a cabaret style of singing, and has a great voice.
Ricky never fails to surprise us with his program. You may repeat a song or two, but there is always a new twist to the program.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Alex and Bonnie

Alex Anderson was the featured speaker on Wednesday evening. Lynda Smith shot this photo of Alex and me after her lecture - we're still smiling after a long first day of the show.

AQS Quilt Show - Opening Day

Today is Wednesday, April 23 - the opening day of the AQS Quilt Show...and this is the crowd waiting for the doors to open.
It was 85 degrees here today and it is supposed to stay warm for the next couple of days. Unusually warm for April here in Paducah.
The dogwoods are still beautiful so don't miss the Dogwood Trail drive through the city.

Nancy Prince demos at All-Star Review

One of the most popular events at the AQS Quilt Show is the All-Star Review. Here Nancy Prince demonstrates techniques for thread painting.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pink Dogwoods - Paducah, KY

I saved the best photo for last today. Here are some of the beautiful dogwoods waiting for you when you get to Paducah. I stopped along the Dogwood Trail to shoot this photo.

See you next week in Paducah. We begin with the judging of the quilts tomorrow - by Monday we'll have them all judged. Safe travels on your trip to Paducah.

AQS Vendors on Park Avenue

AQS has a new location with 52 vendor booths and three great quilt exhibits. You'll find the Almost-Ever-Shady-Glades - animal quilts by Sue Van Wassenhove; Stitched Applique by Margaret Cusack; and Black & White Plus One Challenge by the Sun Prairie Heritage Quilters.
You won't want to miss the great vendors at this location either. You can ride the bus - the buses will stop here as they head back down to the convention center.
There is parking behind the building or at the church next door too.

Paducah is full of blooms

This evening Wayne and I had dinner with Klaudeen and Mervin Hansen from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Afterward we drove part of the Dogwood Trail. This was a corner full of blooming tulips, pansies, and a beautiful dogwood tree, and even a pretty Red bud tree in the background.
If you are coming to the quilt show next week. the dogwoods are just starting to bloom so there will be plenty of them for you to see. Don't forget to drive the dogwood trail...and when you see all of those signs marking the trail attached to stop signs - think of me, that's my Paducah dogwood block design that is used on those signs. It's also on the banners downtown.
See you next week at the show!

Levee behind Executive Inn

April 17 - At sunset we drove down by the river and this photo shows how far the river has dropped - compare it to the photo I took on Tuesday.

Schultz Park - Ohio River continues to drop

It's April 17 and the water in the Ohio River continues to drop. Check our my bench in Schultz Park today.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Levee Behind the Executive Inn

April 15 -- taxes are done and sent off today.

Here is another photos of the earthen levee behind the Executive Inn, showing how the water levels of the Ohio River are dropping.

We begin judging the quilts on Saturday, in preparation for the AQS Quilt Show next week. It's going to be a realllllllyyyy gooooood show.

See y'all here in Paducah.

Water Level Going Down - April day

Today is April 15...and you can see that the water level is going down around the bench in Schultz Park. It looks to have dropped a couple of feet since my last photo of the bench.
Rumors continue to circulate that Paducah is flooded. They are just that - rumors. Paducah is dry and the flood gates have not needed to be installed at all this year.
Did you know that Paducah has 12 miles of flood walls to protect the city from flood waters? The city watches the water levels very carefully so the gates can be installed in necessary. Thankfully, this year they have not been needed.
See you all at the quilt show next week.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

AQS Quilt Show & Paducah in Wall Street Journal

Yesterday (April 12), the AQS Quilt Show and Paducah were featured in the Wall Street Journal. Here's the link to read the article and see some photos.

The writer, Meg Cox, has written a book called The Quilter's Catalog that is a history of quilting today and features many quilters and happenings in the world of quilting. You'll find some nice kudos to yours truly in the Introduction. I was a resource for Meg as she was developing her book. Meg will be at the AQS Quilt Show signing her book in The Craftsman's Touch booth in the Pool Annex vendor area.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Paducah Riverfront - April 12

A family from Murray was down on the riverfront checking out the water levels when I was there. These girls were interested in the water... As you can see the Wilson Stage is still covered with water. Hopefully the Ohio River will start dropping -- we plan to use that stage for the Christian Music Concert on the last day of the quilt show.

Levee Behind the Executive Inn

This is the view behind the Executive Inn. You can see that the water would have to raise several feet to create any havoc here. We've had calls in the office that the Executive Inn is flooded - NOT TRUE. There has been no water around the Executive Inn.

The city has not had to install the flood gates in the flood wall that surrounds Paducah to protect it from the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers.

April 12 - Schultz Park Bench

With all of the rain we've had this week, the Ohio River is up a little bit - see my bench mark (no pun intended) in Schultz Park. It is up half way on the legs of the bench again. Still no worry about flooding in Paducah.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Welcome to Paducah for the AQS Quilt Show

Here is the billboard that welcomes visitors to Paducah for the AQS Quilt Show. This one is on Wayne Sullivan Drive if you are coming from Highway 62 from the south side of town. There is also another one located on Park Avenue not far from Hancock's of Paducah - you can see it on the left as you drive toward downtown.

It looks like the cool weather is going to keep the dogwoods from blooming too early this year. We want them to put on a grand show of blossoms during the show.

See you soon in Paducah. We begin the judging on the 18th...not too long to wait now until Paducah becomes Quilt City USA once again.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring has Sprung in Paducah!

The gazebo is a favorite gathering spot in downtown Paducah. It is located at the corner of Broadway and Second Streets. Wayne and I stopped to take some photos of the pretty flowering trees that surround the gazebo.

Here I am and you'll notice that I've dug out my Birkenstocks already - but it's a bit too cool yet to go barefooted in them. My Birks are what save my feet during the quilt show -- I have several pairs so I can wear different ones every day.

The dogwoods haven't started blooming yet. We hope the cool weather will keep them from blooming a while longer so the dogwood trees can put on their show for the quilters during the quilt show, April 23 - 26.

Pansies welcome you to the Paducah Visitors Bureau

These pretty pansies are sitting outside the Paducah Visitors Bureau. Don't they just say, "come on it."
I visited with Gayle McDermott at the Visitors Bureau this morning when I stopped downtown to take some photos of the pretty flowering trees near the gazebo.

Ohio River Water Level Falling

Saturday, April 5Even though we had 4.5 inches of rain overnight Thursday through Friday, the water level of the Ohio River is falling. Check out the bench in Schultz Park in the photo above - it has been totally surrounded by water. That's a Coast Guard cutter that you see patrolling the water. There were a lot of barges out in the river today.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

AQS Qult Show Delays High Profile Murder Trial

Who would ever think that a quilt show would postpone a murder trial? That is just what happened in Paducah this week. An ex-soldier accused of raping a 14-year old girl and murdering her and her family in Iraq was postponed two weeks because there are not enough hotel rooms available for the trial participants. The trial, previously scheduled to begin April 13, will now begin April 27, after the quilt show closes.

I guess the world outside of quilting is now learning what a big show the AQS Quilt Show really is! Go quilters. Some of those reporter who will be coming to cover the trial should come a day early and see how talented today's quiltmakers are, and see how 35,000 quilters take over a town with a population of 26,000.

For those of you who don't know about the AQS Quilt Show - the show fills every hotel room in the city of Paducah and all of the hotels for about 50 miles in every direction. This quilt show is a very big deal for the economy of western Kentucky and southern Illinois.

This is reporter Bonnie bringing you the news from Paducah....