Saturday, June 27, 2015

Zombie Painting my Hands

I just returned from taping a class, Borders and Finishing Touches, for What a fun 2 1/2 days. I asked Corey, the makeup artist if she could cover the freckles on my hands since I was going to be doing some sewing at the machine with closeups of my hands.

uiltrA note about the BERNINA 550 machine that I used... what a great machine. It has a button that will not let you sew if you don't have the needle in the position for the foot you have on the machine. That feature will save a lot of broken needles.

Corey has worked as a makeup artist on two Zombie movies and has this special paint that she uses to cover up tattoos for some of the actors... so she brought in her Zombie paint to cover my freckles.

This is the pad of Zombie paint - it is mixed with alcohol so it stays on.
Must be removed with alcohol too.

She began by painting layers of different colors of paint.

Almost done here...

Next was fixing the hair.

Makeup all finished.

Linda Hahn arrived to tape a class.
We had dinner together and then passed each other on the set.

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