Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Can you believe that another year has flown by... guess that happens when you are having fun. Wayne, my sister Karen, and I had lunch with Mom Kirkland, and left just in time to do a little eagle siting before we headed back to Durant.

This is one of the big eagles that we saw as they came back to the trees to roost in Credit Island Park in Davenport. Some trees had as many as five eagles land in them. There were so many tree branches between my camera and the eagles that the photos are not very clear. It's always fun to just watch these majestic birds flying.

Did you see the Blue Moon (2nd new moon in December) tonight? We were out eagle watching along the Mississippi River when the sun went down and the moon came up. It was a beautiful yellow moon shining brightly on the Mississippi River.

Happy New Year...hope you and I find time to do more quiltiung in 2010!

Bonnie B

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Packages are Wrapped with Care....

Happy Sunday! This has been a busy weekend, trying to get the packages wrapped for our families. I made some Christmas telephone calls to some far-away friends that we won't get to see during the holidays. It's always fun to catch up with our friends.

We had a good time at the Schroeder Publishing Christmas party on Thursday evening. Billy Schroeder always comes up with some kind of trivia for us to play. He had some great questions this year - like how many stitches are in a baseball?  Or, what sport has more participants than any other? I'll put the answers at the end of this message so you can think about the answers for a bit. Dinner was catered by Patti's Restaurant from Grand Rivers, KY.

On Friday evening, Wayne and I attended the Cirque Dreams Illumination at the Carson Four Rivers Center. It was really good...great stage work, lighting, high wire work, acrobats, skits, and singing. It had a little bit of everything.

The next couple of weeks will be very busy. Wayne and I hope you are able to spend some time with your family and have a Merry Christmas together. I'll talk to you again in the new year - can you believe that 2010 is here already? See you then!

Bonnie B

The answers are: 108 stitches in a baseball, and fishing is the sport with the most participants (we should have guessed that one since Billy is an avid bass fisherman)