Sunday, September 11, 2011


This past week we had workers in to put siding on all of the places that needed paint - the soffits, ceilings of front and back porches, and the carport, and the front peak on the front of the house. Also put up new shutters. Now we only have one place to paint - the railing on the back porch... and the paint has been bought to get that done. It will be the same color as the shutters. Also bought some new fence sections to replace the ones that our redbud damaged in a wind storm. The fence will be the same color as the shutters too.

Here are a few photos so you can see what we have done.
Front of the house

The carport received a new ceiling and new lights. Really lights up the area.

The new shutters really look nice with the brick and the new windows that we had put in this year.

And here is Wayne waving "Hi" from the back porch. We added some new lights here too. Before we had fans on this porch but rarely used them. You'll notice that my swing is empty... that's my favorite spot. Wayne says he'll know where to find me now. LOL. You can see the posts and railings on the porch in this photo - we'll get those painted soon.

All done for this week. Hope you are enjoying the same beautiful day we are having in Paducah. It is a very pleasant 84 degrees now.

Bonnie B

It's nice to have this all finished.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Busy Week - Lots Done

Man, I don't know what eBlogger has done to my blog but it sure does look messy - boxes and lines all over the place. Whatever they tried, it certainly didn't improve anything.

It has been a busy week here. We had a crew come in and put siding everywhere we would need to paint - soffits, facia boards under gutters, front peak on the house, ceilings on front and back porches, and in the carport. It looks really good. They just finished this afternoon. I'll snap some photos tomorrow so you can see too. The only painting we have to do is on the back porch - the railings. Oh, and I forgot, we had new shutters put on the windows too. This will sure save us a lot of work around the house.

We finished the registration guide for the Lancaster show today and hope to have registration open online next week. Busy working on the Paducah registration guide now, and finalizing our instructors for Grand Rapids and Des Moines - all in 2012. We work months in advance to get it all done for each show.

Last Saturday I even visited Hancock's and bought some fabric... mostly black and white prints and solids. I'll keep you in suspense with what I plan to do with that fabric.

All for tonight...Bonnie B