Sunday, August 10, 2014

Teaching Zentangle for Shawnee Quilters Guild

It has been a while since I posted to my Blog. Today I am sharing some photos taken at a class I taught in Carbondale, IL for the Shawnee Quilters Guild. What a great group, and they enjoyed both the Last Roses of Summer applique class and my Zentangle for Quilters class.

In the Zentangle class we started out the day with learning the Zentangle drawing method. Then in the afternoon we converted those designs to quilting designs. Check out these photos of what they stitched.
Mosaic of tiles drawn in class

Stitching in the "string" lines

Testing designs on paper

Whether drawing or stitching, you have the power of concentration.

Mary Hackett filled the center with thread painted checkerboard.

Detail, quilted Zentangle by Mary Hackett

And my lecture was about to begin
 Thanks, Shawnee Quilters, for inviting me to visit you again. I'll come back when my book is finished and we'll do more fun things using Zentangle designs.

Bonnie Browning, Certified Zentangle Teacher