Monday, April 8, 2013

CZT Hideaway 2013 - Wooded Glen, Indiana

This past weekend I attended the CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) Hideaway 2013 at a fantastic resort and conference center in Indiana. Wayne and I drove there on Thursday. I'll let my photos show you the resort and what we did there...

The sign at the entrance of this 587 acre resort and conference center.

 You drive over this covered bridge as you enter the resort.

The lobby of the conference center

Thursday night we exchanged tangled boxes.
I received this wonderful house that was tangled by Peg Farmer.

Each morning as we opened the curtains to our room, we could see the wild turkeys walking past.

We hiked on the Zen-Trail and tangled as we went.

There was a bench at each station that told us the name of a tangle to use
or we sometimes had a choice.

The collage of our Zen-Trail tangles.
This jake spent a lot of time fanning his feathers for the ladies.
Here he is again, with some of the rest of the rafter.
Leslie Scott-Gillilan, Bonnie Browning, Angie Gamble
My photo with the organizers of CZT Hideaway 2013.
One of the lodges on the property. There were four groups - some scientists, a scrapbooking group, a sewing group, and our Zentangle group - in different lodges. We all ate in the conference center... and the food was really good.
This young deer bid us adieu as Wayne and I left the resort.
A fun, relaxing weekend. I worked on my next book on Quilted Tangles, and enjoyed the camaraderie with many of the CZT's that I previously only knew through our CZT Facebook pages. Let's do this again!