Saturday, June 21, 2008

Des Moines Convention Center - High & Dry

Several people have asked about the condition of the convention center in Des Moines. It sits on a hill and has been high and dry through the flooding that occurred in some parts of Des Moines. The ball park parking lot that we will use was flooded for a couple of days, but they played a ballgame last Saturday night - with no one there but the two teams - and the lot is back to normal now.

Keep all those who are caught in the waters of the flooding rivers in your prayers. Our families in Iowa are dry, but there is water covering bridges near Wayne's Mom and sister Kathi. The bridges over the Cedar River have all been closed due to the high water. Kathi said her doctor, dentist, insurance man, Dollar General store, and gas station that she uses in Columbus Jct. are all under water.

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