Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday and it is the third night in a row that I've eaten out. We went to Patti's Restaurant in Grand Rivers - my favorite birthday dinner spot. Of course we had the 2-inch thick pork chop...yummmmm. We didn't have room to eat dessert then so we brought home coconut cream pie - my birthday pie... ymmmmmmmmmm. The meringue is about 6 inches high.


  1. Happy belated Birthday, Bonnie. My sister and I ate at Patti's this year during the AQS show and loved it. We have attended the show for 17 years in a row, but had never been to Pattti's. We each took home a jar of strawberry butter for the guys.

  2. Jeanne:
    Patti's is our favorite restaurant in the area...and always my choice for a birthday dinner. Hope you had some pie - they make all of their own pies there and all are good. Thanks for dropping in to my blog.