Friday, June 27, 2008

25th AQS Anniversary Quilt Show in PADUCAH !!!

Hi All:
Today we announced that AQS will host its 25th anniversary in Paducah, Kentucky. Space Coast Hospitality Management Services, the new owners and management company of the Executive Inn, has contracted with A & K Construction, Inc., of Paducah, Kentucky, to renovate all of the hotel rooms and provide improved hotel services by April, 2009. In addition, the City of Paducah has committed to remodel the Julian M. Carroll Convention Center.

The remodeling will solve many of the problems that we had at the 2008 show - air conditioning problems in the convention center, and the run-down conditions at the hotel. It has taken the months since the show for the plans to develop far enough that AQS is comfortable that the renovations can be completed in time for next year's show. More renovations will continue after the 2009 show with the building of an entirely new entrance and other exterior modifications.

We will all look forward to a new look for this hotel that has hosted the AQS Quilt Show for the past 24 years. Watch the AQS Web site, for upcoming information on making reservations at the Executive Inn; the reservation system is one of the things that will change soon so they aren't ready right now to handle reservations for the show.

And even though many of you have complained about the high rates the hotels in Paducah charge, those rates are set by the hotels. In Paducah we do not contract with the hotels like we do in our other show sites. We certainly can't be involved in price setting of the rates the hotels charge. If you don't like the hotel rates here, I suggest that you look at attending one of our other shows where there are more hotel rooms and thus more competition between the hotels, so the rates are in line with what is charged at other national quilt shows.

For me, this announcement today means that we can move full steam ahead with the plans for our 25th anniversary quilt show.


  1. Hi! Interesting to read the back story about the AQS show in Paducah. Thanks too for sharing all the wonderful wildlife photos in your previous post.

  2. Lies, all lies. The Executive Inn is closed now and Ms. Browning and AQS have so little regard for the attendees of the Paducah show that they won't even tell us the truth!


    Update your blog, Ms. Browning!

    Debbie Riker
    former AQS member

  3. The Executive Inn is closed. The owner doesn't seem to have the funds to renovate. Why were we contacted by AQS this summer to make reservations at this hotel? Certainly AQS knew renovations had not begun and there was a huge potential for problems. What will happen to all the hotel deposits, made in good faith by the quilters, if the show is not held in Paducah?

  4. Debbie in Stockton, MOSeptember 17, 2008 at 12:06 AM

    I, too, have apparently lost my money for reservations at the Executive Inn for next year. I sent in for the lottery at the hotel, they cashed my check, locked the doors, and disconnected the phones. Where is my money? Will I have reservations if they reopen? What about a refund? What now? I know the hotel stole big bucks from the quilters when you add up all of our reservation money to the Executive Inn!!! No one has any answers. I love the show, but I can't afford to be out the money! Someone needs to help us!!!

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