Sunday, June 23, 2013

Photos from Cairo - Part 1

People have been asking me for photos from my trips to Cairo... so here is Part ONE showing photos from some of the things Jenny Bowker and I visited while we were there. I'll do another one dedicated just to the Tentmakers - become a follower of my Blog and you'll receive it as soon as it's finished.

Here is the link to view this Smilebox. Enjoy!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Today is our 50th wedding anniversary. We had a nice dinner at Outback Steakhouse, did a little shopping for Bonnie's next book on Zentangle, and then came home and took a few photos to mark the occasion.

We tried to include Tuffy, but he wasn't very excited about getting his photo taken.

Our hydrangea bushes just completely opened this week. Aren't they pretty?
And for those of you in the family that know how much trouble I always have figuring out how to use the timer on my camera, well, I have figured it out now. So the next batch of family photos should go much more quickly. LOL 

The other day Wayne told me that not many people reach 50 years of marriage. I asked him how he knew that. He went card shopping, and there were a lot of cards for 25 years, fewer for 30 years, even fewer for 40 years, and he only found two cards to choose from for 50th anniversaries. Guess they don't sell so many cards to those of us in the 50-year club!

Wayne sent me a dozen white roses on Friday. They are still beautiful. I put my favorite wedding photo with them for a photo. Fifty years ago, our wedding gowns were all lace and our photos were in black and white. Those were the days!