Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Visiting the Batiking Studio

We had two opportunitiesto visit the batiking studio. The first visit was to see the process and visit the shop - of course, we all had to buy some batiks. I purchased some sarongs, a batiked bedspread, and some batiked zippered bags. The artists are very talented and placed that wax just where they wanted it.
Then we went back another day and sat down with the artists who had prepared a design for each of us, and we used the canting tool to spread the beeswax on our own design. I told my lady that she didn't have to worry about losing her job! I think she was more impressed with the feathered designs that I drew on the practice piece than the work I did on the floral design. It's really hard to keep from dropping dots of wax onto the fabric - in places that you don't want it. After the design was waxed, we took it to another area where it was dyed and the wax was boiled out of it. It will be fun to embellish and quilt my piece as a memory of our batiking adventure.

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