Saturday, January 12, 2008

Taking the Bus Up the Mountain

We were certainly glad that we were riding and not driving up the narrow roads that went up into the mountains. Our guide told us that the rule of the road is: the biggest vehicle has the right of way. We spent most of our time riding in a bus that went down the center of the road. You see, ours was the BIGGEST vehicle.
The driver would toot his horn and the traffic in both directions would move to the edge of the road and let us go down the center. Boy, were we glad that we weren't driving!
And you can see in this photo that most of the traffic is motorcycles. There are 3 million people living on the island of Bali...and there are 2.4 million motorcycles. The whole family would be riding on one motorcycle - we saw a family of 5 on one cycle - mom, dad, and three small children. They use their motorcycles for transporting all kinds of things. See how these two cycles have carriers on the back for transporting goods.

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