Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Reunion Begins...

The 46th reunion of the Muscatine High School of 1963 began last night with a drop-in gathering in the bar at the Holiday Inn. It was easy to recognize some of our classmates...others we had to ask "who are you?"

Here are a few snapshots. I was able to get a photo of most of those who were there.

Watch for more photos after tonight's main event.

L to R: Martha Beveridge, Kathy TeStrake, Mike Rogers

L ro R: Doug Buchele, Carol Bunn, Diana Collins, Kathy Holtz, Gini VanZandt, Dottie Beranek, Mike Rogers

L to R: Julia Barnard, Maggie Teraberry, Carol Bunn, Barb Haveman Felton, Doug Felton

L to R: Nancy Peters, Tom Schauland, Gini VanZandt, Doug Buchele

L t R: Kathy TeStrake, Ron Miller, Karen Buekenhorst

Watch for more to come.


  1. Welcome back to Blogspot. You've been gone a long time.

  2. Sure glad that you labeled the people in the photos. I wouldn't have recognized most of them! Gail Davidge Kettenbrink