Monday, August 10, 2009

Saturday Lunch at the Button Factory with Friends

A lunch with classmates at the Button Factory was followed by a trip around town to take photos on the riverfront by the Clamdigger statute, in front of our Muscatine High School (now Central Middle School), and at the Weed Park lagoon.

I don't have time right now to add all of the names...but will come back and do that when I get back home.

The island at Week Park lagoon.

Left, standing: Bonnie Kirkland, Martha Beveridge
Seated: Pat Alternbernd, Penny Fuhlman, Chris Godeke, Barbara Thomas, Sussan Schuessler
Right, standing: Janet Day

Our Muscatine High School, now Central Middle School

In front of the Clamdigger statute on the riverfront:
Bonnie Kirkland, Pat Altenbernd, Martha Beveridge, Chris Godeke, Penny Fuhlman, Janet Day, Barbara Thomas

In front of The Button Factory Restaurant where we enjoyed lunch together:
Janet Day, Sussan Schuessler, Barbara Thomas, Pat Alternbernd, Bonnie Kirkland, Penny Fuhlman, Martha Beveridge, Chris Godeke

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