Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hi Deanna!

Today I had an e-mail from one of my closest high school buddies, Deanna Tumey. She was maid of honor at our wedding. We had lost touch over the years.

We are having our 46th class reunion next month so some of our classmates are busy trying to track down those they haven't heard from. So now we are reconnected. Deanna has retired to Cape Cod - now I have a really good excuse for a fall vacation out that direction.... And she didn't know that we are living in Paducah, Kentucky, and that I was a quilter. But she does now.

We talked more than an hour and I can't wait for our next phone call.

Deanna, I bet you never thought you would be subject of one of my Blogs.

Bonnie B


  1. This is last, at age 64 I have made it to the big time! I never even dreamed I would be mentioned in a blog. I think I love this!
    It was so much fun and so exciting to talk to my great friend Bonnie last night on the phone; from Cape Cod Massachusetts to Kentucky was just right around the corner. And Bonnie has the same friendly way and cheerful voice she had 46 years ago when we graduated from High School. One of the cool things is that we both love photography and birds! We can talk everyweek now for years to come. Just for the record, Bonnie is VERY SUCCESSFUL at her craft and passion..BUT for the record, I flunked sewing in Junior High School because I bought pillow ticking for the material I needed to make a had stripes....I liked it !!! Needless to say, Bonnie will be vacationing on Cape Cod sometime in the Fall. Come on down! You will love it.

  2. Teehee...I may sound just like I did, but Deanna looks just like she did then...except her hair is a different color. GRIN

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