Saturday, January 28, 2017

I have not posted in a while... it is because I have been really is chilly here today so I'm staying inside and catching up.

We currently have registration open for all three of our Spring AQS QuiltWeek shows. That is Daytona Beach, FL; Lancaster, PA; and Spring Paducah, KY. The reason it says Spring Paducah is because we are doing a second show in Paducah in the Fall. It will be the Fall Paducah QuiltWeek. That means we have been very busy working on new things for all of these shows. If you want to check them out, go to, and then click on the location.

My new ironing board  arrived this week. This morning I opened it. While I was in South Korea last year I had seen a commercial of this ironing board that had a large table and it could be flipped over cutting the amount of time it takes to iron a shirt. I finally found it in the U.S. through a Kickstarter program. I donated to the Kickstarter and received an ironing board.

Some of the good features of the ironing board:
1. The top is 18.5 inches across so a full fat quarter of fabric will fit perfectly.
2. It has an iron rest.
3. The legs are very sturdy and it can be raised and lowered to a variety of heights.
4. Folds up and stores easily; it has wheels so you don't need to pick it up and carry it.
5. A sleeve board is stored at one end of the ironing board.
6. Almost forgot, it has clips to hold pant legs while you iron.
Now I really do need to get my iron out and try it.

But meantime, here are some photos I took as I opened it.

If you want more info and so see a video of it in operation, here is the link:

Until next time... have a great day. Take some time to MAKE something or IRON something!

Bonnie B

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