Saturday, November 19, 2016

zenAgain Conference

zenAgain Conference
Newport, RI
November 13 - 16, 2016

Spending several days with other Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT's) is a good way to re-energize. Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, founders of the Zentangle Method, and their staff put on a first class event. We drew tangles, learned some new tangles - Noom (named after the Super Moon which occurred while we were in Newport), Waybop, Drawings (pronounced like Draw Wings), and Icanthis (I can this).

It was fun to sit with different CZT's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Always fun to share different things we are doing, different groups we are teaching for, and different ways we are using Zentangle Art.

I'll let my photos tell the story....

Arrived at the Providence, RI, Airport, took a shuttle to Newport

View from my room at the Hyatt Regency Newport

The Marina was on the other side of the road into the Hyatt

The Hyatt sits on Goat Island -  there used to be goats there

Hyatt Regency Newport on Goat Island

The Conference started with the new 3Z tiles - equilateral triangles

Used the new tangle, Noom, on the 3Z tiles

Mosaic using the 3Z Tiles

Molly Hollibough introduced all of the Zentangle Staff

When the music played, we stood up - something new was coming

Mosaic from Molly's Meditation class

Tangles on marble tiles

The new Color Wheel of Tangles

Loved the tangled art inserted into this old frame

Tangled Art by Maria Thomas

Dinner with Bonnie Browning, Margaret Bremner, Chris Letourneau

Photos in the CZT Gallery

My quilt, book (Zentangle Art To Go), jewelry, and foiled cards... and more

Zentangle Art by Margaret Bremner

More in the CZT Gallery

More Zentangle Art by Maria & Rick

Tangles on a denim jacket

CZT Gallery artwork

And more from the CZT Gallery

Using an iPad for document camera

Wednesday afternoon, some of us went to the Newport Art Museum

Caroline, Suzanne, Bonnie, Leslie, Sandhya, Izumi in the Art Museum

The theme for the week was "Just Wing It" and I earned my wings!

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