Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bonnie at Whitehaven

What does a show director do on the day after the quilt show? She (and her husband Wayne) sleep in a bit longer than normal, go out to breakfast (where they see several vendors who are getting ready to head home), drive the Dogwood Trail to take photos of dogwoods to use in next year's quilt show brochures, and then comes home to put her feet up (oh, my, do they hurt!).

This photo was taken on the back porch at Whitehaven, the antebellum mansion used as a Rest Area along Interstate 24. The grounds are covered with beautiful blooming trees.

The dogwoods were so late in blooming that I didn't get to take many photos before the show. They are still blooming beautifully so we'll have plenty of new photos to choose from for next year's printed materials.

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  1. The dogwoods were beautiful this year. Thanks for all you and the entire AQS staff and volunteers do for this great show!