Thursday, April 3, 2008

AQS Qult Show Delays High Profile Murder Trial

Who would ever think that a quilt show would postpone a murder trial? That is just what happened in Paducah this week. An ex-soldier accused of raping a 14-year old girl and murdering her and her family in Iraq was postponed two weeks because there are not enough hotel rooms available for the trial participants. The trial, previously scheduled to begin April 13, will now begin April 27, after the quilt show closes.

I guess the world outside of quilting is now learning what a big show the AQS Quilt Show really is! Go quilters. Some of those reporter who will be coming to cover the trial should come a day early and see how talented today's quiltmakers are, and see how 35,000 quilters take over a town with a population of 26,000.

For those of you who don't know about the AQS Quilt Show - the show fills every hotel room in the city of Paducah and all of the hotels for about 50 miles in every direction. This quilt show is a very big deal for the economy of western Kentucky and southern Illinois.

This is reporter Bonnie bringing you the news from Paducah....

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