Sunday, March 16, 2008

National Quilting Day -- March 15

How did this day of quilting come about? In the early 90's, the National Qulting Association sought to have Congress designate one day as a day to celebrate quiltmaking. Congress never did pass that legislation so NQA designated the 3rd Saturday of March each year as National Quilting Day. I was serving on the NQA board at that time and the day was patterned after Kentucky's Quilter's Day Out that has been held for many years. Now quilters all across the globe celebrate National Quilting Day with a variety of quilting events, from small gatherings of quilters, to shows and classes.

I attended the Quilter's Day Out event held at the Museum of the American Quilter's Society... and of course, I also stopped by some of our local quilt shops to see what's new and make some purchases of quilting supplies. It was after all a day about the art of quiltmaking.

On Friday, our office received this beautiful bouquet of flowers from the Knoxville Convention Center to celebrate National Quilting Day. AQS will be holding our summer shows in Knoxville, starting in 2009. The Convention Center already knows all about quilting from the large guilds in that area. Many of the members of their guilds are national prizewinning quilters. I just had to share this beautiful bouquet with you. It has a variety of purple flowers, red roses, and pussy willows - a sure sign that spring is here.

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