Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's Saturday

Today was my shopping day - a trip to Hayes Shoe Store to buy a new pair of shoes for the upcoming quilt shows. Always need to make sure we take care of our feet at the shows. Those concrete floors can be killers for your feet. We always tell our staff to dress to the ankles and make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes. For me, that has been my Birkenstock sandals, but this time I'm trying a pair of SAS sandals. They felt like I could put them on and wear them all day immediately. I'll be wearing them to work now to make sure they will feel good all day long.

The shoe store was very close to Michael's so I stopped there to browse a bit. You know I am working on a book on Zentangles and I found something new to try. I'll just give you a hint - it involves gold leaf. Can't wait to try my idea out. Our office is working on a group challenge quilt and I needed some small piping so the next stop was at Hobby Lobby.

And then Hobby Lobby was very close to Dillard's and I've had a Christmas gift card for Dillard's from Wayne's sister, Kathi, that I hadn't used yet, so I stopped and bought a new outfit there. And if you know me at all, you can guess what color it is. Yep, you guessed it - black pants, light aqua top, and black shirt that can be worn as a jacket. It's lightweight so will make a nice new outfit for spring.

By now, Wayne and I needed a treat so we stopped by DQ for a Blizzard and drove down to the riverfront to eat it. Paducah sits on the confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers and there was a lot of barge traffic going on today so I snapped a few photos. And right now my blog won't let me upload my photos... so I'll try to show them to you next time.

Anyway, we enjoyed sitting on the riverfront and watching the barges go by. A lady brought a big bag of bread and fed the gulls. I thought sure one was going to land on her head as she tossed the bread pieces this way and that way. They literally surrounded her. It was bright and sunny and a nice day to enjoy the river. There are always couples sitting on the benches and families who wander down close to the water. Often there are fisherman along the bank too, but not today.

Then it was time to go home. Shortly after we unloaded our packages, Andi Reynolds called to say she was bringing over some warm, homemade pretzels. They were yummy. I've never tried making pretzels. These were soft and warm and tasted lots better than the hard, dry pretzels I usually eat.

I just posted two new books on my website: AQS has revised two of my books and reissued them - Easy Paper Piecing; and Triangles at Play (by Phyllis Miller and me). They are $12.95 each and only $10.36 if you are an AQS member. You'll find ordering information on my website under the Books tab.

And now, the day is nearly done. Think I'll read a while...

Bonnie B

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