Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bridge Span Wiped Out

You have seen me write many times about our trips to visit the Elk & Vison Prairie at Land Between the Lakes. Well, to get there we take Highway 68 through Aurora, Kentucky - it's about 30 minutes east of us.

On Thursday night (after dark) a cargo ship hit the Eggner Ferry Bridge near Aurora and literally took out an entire span of the bridge. Here are some photos that tell the store better than I can. Luckily no one driving on the bridge or workers on the ship were hurt. One driver realized that the support girders were missing and stopped about three feet from the edge of the bridge.

This ship is said to be five stories high. It went through the pleasure boat channel instead of the main channel which would have been high enough for them to pass under. The ship slid under the span and lifted it up - the ship is now wearing the road bed and support girders on its front section. The Corps of Engineers has closed river traffic while the accident is being investigated.

It's a nice sunny day here in Paducah... and I'm going shopping.

All for now,
Bonnie B

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  1. Oh my! What an inconvenience for rhe people who need to cross that bridge! Hope it gets fixed soon. Those were amazing photos you took!

    Hope you had fun shopping!