Thursday, October 27, 2011

Zentangle Seminar and Trip Home

Here's a bit more about the Zentangle Teachers Seminar in Rhode Island...
In case you missed seeing them up close, here is a photo of my Zentangled shoes.

First I colored the white Keds tennis shoes with Marvy permanent markers, then I added the Zentangle designs, and finished them off with sapphire and amethyst Swarovski crystals.

This is the entire Certified Zentangle Teacher class #7, October 2011. (I am one of the tall ones in the back row - near the mirror in the right rear section of the group.) We had students from India, Japan, Australia, Canada, and all points far and wide across the U.S. What a fun week in Rhode Island and we learned a lot. And now I can add CZT after my name. I'm working on some classes and will add them to my class list very soon. You all will love learning to make your own Zentangled art... and everyone can do it!

The trip from Rhode Island to Iowa was a lot of driving, but the leaves were especially beautiful as we drove through the endless mountains in Pennsylvania. Mountains were all around us and we drove through several tunnels through the mountains. Here's a couple of photos...

The mountains had a lot of red trees giving color all around us.

Here we are heading into one of the tunnels through the mountains.

We arrived at my sister Karen's in Durant, Iowa, on Monday evening. We spent several days helping Wayne's sister Kathi go through their Mom & Step-dad's home. It's hard to believe that they passed away exactly 12 weeks apart. There was a lot of sorting of clothes and soft goods, cleaning in the kitchen - Karen took on the kitchen clean-up, sorting out foodstuffs and pitching out-of-date canned goods. Makes me want to start on our drawers and closets and do the same thing. I know we have a bunch of stuff we could get rid of... all except my quilting stuff, or course. We enjoyed a nice dinner with sister Marcia and her husband Don, Karen, and Mom Kirkland one evening and we all ate way too much.

We drove home on Saturday. Did our own bed ever feel good, after 2 1/2 weeks away. Poor Tuffy spent that time at Kitty Camp (boarded at the Vet), and he was really glad to get home too. The first day he wouldn't leave Wayne's side.

We say pretty trees in Ohio on the way to Rhode Island, in Pennsylvania on our way to Iowa, and now the color in the trees is good here in Paducah. This is a photo I took tonight as I got out of the car of trees in our yard and the neighbors. It was drizzling but you can still see all of the color in the trees - reds, oranges, and yellows.

And now we are catching up on our sleep, and I'm busy catching up at work.

More later... we are planning to drive out to see the elk on the prairie at Land Between the Lakes this weekend. Hope I can catch a good photo or two there.

Bonnie B

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  1. Those are some really cool sneakers! I envy your trip through the colorful trees. Glad you had a good time and got to spend some time with family. I'm sorry to hear about Wayne's Mom and Buster.