Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Dogwoods are Blooming!

Today was my day to go take some new photos of dogwoods for us to use in our quilt show materials. How do you like this one?

I love the red dogwoods.

And look how pristine this white dogwood is? When they first open full out, they are just beautiful too.

Other flowers are blooming too - here we have a variety of tulips, phlox, and a white dogwood tree in the background. Don't you just love SPRING when the blossoms add color everywhere?

Look at this pretty iris I found blooming - look at those yummy purples!

We drove on the Dogwood Trail, and the dogwoods look like lace as they line the streets. If you are in Paducah, don't miss driving the Dogwood Trail, in daylight or at night when the homeowners light their dogwoods and flowers. It's pretty either way.

The AQS Quilt Show is April 21 - 24, and I hope to see many of you here.
There will be plenty of beautiful quilts to see in the quilt show.

Bonnie B

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