Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Flowers & Birds

Spring is here when you begin to see the color that the blooming flowers add to the yards. I've snapped a few photos in my next door neighbors' yard - where the daffodils, hyacinths, and tulip tree are all blooming.

The purple hyacinths with the yellow daffodils sure add a lot of color to the yard

Look at this pretty double peach and white. We certainly enjoy the perennial flowers that Lorraine (rest her soul) planted on her property. This is just one of several colors of double daffodils that she planted a couple of years ago. This year they are the fullest that I have seen them. Each clump is as pretty as the next.

The tulip tree (some call it magnolia) on the corner of our neighbor's property is in full bloom now. We haven't had any hard rain to wash off the petals...but we expect some rain this week so I had to go snap a photo of this beautiful tree this morning. Each blossom is opened full out.
Pretty, isn't it?

This is one of the two bluebirds that stayed in Paducah all winter. We have had a bluebird box on one of our trees for the past few seasons. This pair is now looking to build a nest in it. I understand that bluebirds don't like new wood so maybe the wood has weathered enough now that they can make it their home. This morning I saw one of them taking a bath in the bird water bowl. It was happily splashing around to get itself all wet.

We have robins that stay all winter, taking advantage of the bird seed and water that Wayne makes sure are available to them.

But it is always fun to see how red-orange their breasts get in the spring. Besides those that stay, we'll have many more fly back soon.

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