Saturday, May 3, 2008

Jenny Wren

From my swing on the back porch, I can look right into the wren house. This one was busy making a new nest in the house - see the twigs sticking out under the eaves. That's how high the twigs are piled inside it.


  1. What camera do you use? Your pictures are so good. I'm sure my picture are not so good because of my camera . . has nothing to do with the photographer! :)

  2. Judy:
    I have a Canon 30D digital (8.2 megapixels), and a Sony Cyber-Shot (7.2 megapixels). I shoot everything at full resolution and store them on an external 750 gig hard drive so I don't have those big files sitting on my system hard drive. Works great.

  3. Hi, Bonnie. Just discovered your blog tonight. What a treat! I read through the entire blog. The bird photos made me homesick for Michigan, where I used to see many of the same kinds of feathered friends. The shots of Paducah and the quilt show also made me a bit homesick. We have not been able to attend for 3 years now. In 2006we skipped the show to attend the birth of our first grandchild! In 2007 we moved from Michigan to Arizona (home state of last year's best of show quilter!). This year we were just too tired from the past two years of upheaval and decided to stay home, but we talked about Paducah and the show all last week!! Your blog and pictures really were a treat to stumble upon tonight. Thanks!