Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The End of 2021

 Oh, my, this has been another year that we don't want to relive again. I am vaccinated and boosted as my way to help control the Covid-19 virus. I hope you are doing your part. That means I have not been traveling this year either. But I have kept busy...

When so many people bought sewing machines to make facemasks, I developed a series of classes to teach some of the basics for making quilts. So far, we have taped six classes that have been viewed by nearly 400,000. The series is: AQS Let's Quilt: Beginners' Series with Bonnie. The classes are free on YouTube because we have some wonderful sponsors who supported the classes. Taping the classes was fun. People liked when I made a mistake and then showed how to fix it. There isn't much that we do in quilting that we can't fix. Here are links so you can view them,

Class 1: Nine-Patch - The Basics: American Quilter's Society - Let's Quilt - Class 1 - Nine-Patch Block

Class 2: Quilting with Triangles: American Quilter's Society - Let's Quilt - Class 2 - Quilting With Triangles

Class 3: Xquisite Scrap Quilt: American Quilter's Society - Let's Quilt - Class 3 - Xquisite Scrap Quilt

Class 4: Paper Foundation Piecing: American Quilter's Society - Let's Quilt - Class 4 - Foundation Paper Piecin

Tote bag with Foundation Paper Pieced pocket; lined with inside pocket

Class 5:Applique & Ruching: American Quilter's Society - Let's Quilt - Class 5 - Applique & Ruching

Class 6: Six Panel Quilts in Six Weeks: American Quilter's Society - Let's Quilt - Class 6 - Six Panel Quilts in Six Weeks. I chose seven panels and showed how to add a different style of border to each one - half-square triangle border, three borders with cornerstones, three borders with miters, pieced blocks on the left and bottom, four-patch blocks like dentil molding, and single border with hand-dyed fabric. I love how the Eagle in Flight wheelchair quilt turned out.

Eagle in Flight panel by Robert Kaufman

There are tons of tips throughout the classes. Speaking of tips...I taped a video about joining the ends of binding on a quilt. Thousands of quilters have watched this video.  Here is the link for the video.

 American Quilter's Society - Magic Trick For Joining the Ends of Binding

Here is a little gift for you - my Dogbone Pillow that fits perfectly in a carry-on or use on the sofa for a nap. Three fat quarters of fabric will make two Dogbone Pillows.

American Quilter's Society - Head Rest Pillow

Bonnie's Dogbone Pillow

We are busy at AQS working on the AQS QuiltWeek shows. We will be doing five shows at these locations. We will follow the health and safety protocols that are effective at the time of the shows; every city and state is different. Watch the website for the latest information: Registration is currently open for Daytona Beach and Branson.

Wishing y'all a Happy New Year. I can't wait to see you at AQS QuiltWeek!

Bonnie B

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